November 16 P.A. Day Tournament Results

On November 16, 2012, over 85 children participated in our first P.A. Day Tournament of the 2012-13 school year. Awards were given out to the top winners in each section, as well as the top winners in each grade.

For a full list of the tournament results by section, please consult the Chess Federation of Canada’s website: Beginner sectionIntermediate sectionAdvanced section

Winners by grade: SK – Isaac Schneider, Gr. 1 – Solomon Rosenblood, Gr. 2 – Maksim Casino, Gr. 3 – Dylan Pitt, Gr. 4 – Julian Matta, Gr. 5 – Colin Monahan, Gr. 6 – Cuinn Chowdhury, Gr. 7 – Kaizen Liu, Gr. 8 – Liam Baillergeon.

Our December 8 P.A. Day Tournament is sure to be a popular event, so register now!

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