TDSB Elementary Team Chess Finals

The Chess Institute wishes to recognize Peter Boross-Harmer, Chairman of the TDSB Chess Association over 20 years, for his leadership and commitment to chess and education in general. As a gifted teacher, math specialist, Vice-Principal and currently principal of Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School, Peter has inspired and shared his love of learning with literally thousands of children and their families.

The 2015 edition of the TDSB Team Chess Championships was held at Peter’s school on Friday May 8 and the results are posted below in a report written by Peter.

Once again, on behalf of the citizens of Toronto, the Chess Institute of Canada thanks Peter Boross-Harmer for his outstanding contribution to our community and its children.

TDSB Elementary Team Chess Finals report from Peter Boross-Harmer:

On May 8th, Ledbury Park hosted our annual TDSB elementary team chess finals. The top eight teams from each quadrant competed for the coveted Master’s trophy (in its final year as we will have a new design for next year’s competition )in round-robin format. All qualifying schools made it to the final by virtue of finishing in the top two in their respective qualifying events held throughout March/early April. In total close to six hundred students from across the TDSB represented their schools in this team format. The competition was incredible and we only paused for a brief respite with pizzas being delivered to all teams.

When the dust settled, the following teams finished on top:

Primary Division:
Champions – Seneca Hill
2nd Place – McKee
3rd Place – Howard
4th Place – Withrow
5th Place – Bellmere
6th Place – Ledbury Park
7th Place – Alvin Curling
8th Place – Hollywood

Junior Division:
Champions – Seneca Hill
2nd Place – Bellmere
3rd Place – Alvin Curling
4th Place – McKee
5th Place – Hollywood
6th Place – Huron
7th Place – Cummer Valley
8th Place – Eglinton

Intermediate Division:
Champions – Cummer Valley
2nd Place – JB Tyrrell
3rd Place – Queen Victoria
4th Place – Forest Hill
5th Place – Ernest McMillan
6th Place – Thomas Wells
7th Place – Blantyre
8th Place – Sir Alexander Mackenzie

Congratulations go out to all players and coaches as well as the entire organizing committee: David Daly, Jim Parker, Jim McColm, Ted Winick, Brett Campbell! Many thanks go out to our superintendent, Peter Chang for supporting all of our players!

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