June 5 PA Day Tournament Recap and Results

We had a great time at the last tournament of the year! Congratulations to everyone!

Awards were given out to the top winners in each section, as well as the top performers in each grade.

The top winners in each section were as follows:

Group 1: Alexander Lin (gold), Hewitt Ho (silver), Arbel Groshaus (bronze)
Group 2: James Windram (gold), Alex Alam (silver), Jaden Da Silva (bronze)
Group 3: Liam Hazlewood (gold), Thomas Harris (silver), Ayaan Boegel (bronze)
Group 4: Seth Freedman (gold), Jack Van Doorselaer (silver), Emmett Ho (bronze)

The top performers by grade were as follows:

  • Gr 1: Jesse Scott
  • Gr 2: Alex Ma
  • Gr 3: James Li
  • Gr 4: Peggy Zhang
  • Gr 5: Eric Lam
  • Gr 6, 7, 8: Jonah Mickelson

For a full list of the tournament results by section please refer to the crosstable listings below, as seen on the Canadian Chess Federation website:

Our next tournament is on June 20th at Harbourfront Centre as part of the Second Annual Chess Fest!

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