Art & Design at Chessfest 2019

As part of Chessfest 2019, Korean designer Heesun Jung, a recent graduate from OCAD, will be presenting a piece called Encounters; finding myself.

Come down to Chessfest on June 1-2, 2019, to meet Heesun and see his work.

Title /
Encounters; finding myself

Designer name /
Heesun Jung

About /
Heesun Jung is a Korean artist and living in Canada and recently graduated graphic design at OCAD University in Toronto

Brief Description /
This chess game set is asking the question, “How do we make a choice between A and B”
During our lives, we are constantly encountering ourselves through others. The reinterpreted form, colour and the material of the chess game will help to initiate a problem-solving process in choosing between A and B by asking the players to engage in a game that is unexpected.

Heesun will be joined at Chessfest by artists Seyeon Park and Jade Go who will be doing sketches of visitors to turn your profile into a chess piece. Markers will be available to colour in the drawings.

Jade Go

About /
Jade Go is an art instructor in Toronto and holds a degree in Fine Arts at Hong-Ik University in Korea.

Seyeon Park

About /
Seyeon Park is a visual artist studying at OCAD University(Drawing and Painting Expanded Animation.) She creates 2D digital, classical illustration/animation with mix media. Her works explore an ego through interaction between one character and its surroundings in surrealistic style.

Seyeon Park

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