Teachers’ Strike on Monday

In the likely event of a strike affecting TDSB and YRDSB schools on Monday, January 20, all our in-class programs, lunch and after-school clubs at those schools will be cancelled.

Clubs and classes at other Toronto schools not affected by the strike, including those in the TCDSB, Viamonde, and MonAvenir boards, private and Jewish schools, as well as evening community classes at Annex Chess Club, will run as usual.


1. At all times, we will ensure the safety of children for whom we are responsible.

2. We support teachers and quality education in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

3. We will respect all picket lines and we will not run day camps during a labour dispute.

4. During work-to-rule periods, we will deliver our programs and thereby honour our contracts with school boards and families.

5. During strike days, our programs will be cancelled.

6. We will support our instructors who cannot be paid for cancelled programs, by finding creative ways to compensate them through temporary internal reassignment.

Refund Policy: Cancelled Programs

Our first objective is to attempt to reschedule cancelled classes/clubs at the end of the original program schedule. If this is not possible, we will provide, at the conclusion of the labour dispute, either: i) a partial cash refund, equal to total fees paid for missed classes/clubs less an administration charge per class/club missed; or ii) a full credit of fees paid for missed classes/clubs, to be applied against a future online registration with our organization.

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