Special Hallowe’en Clubs and Workshops

Halloween 2020 may be a lot different, as trick-or-treating is not advised in Toronto and other hotspot areas.

CIC is inviting all ghosts, zombies, mummies, and jack-o-lanterns to some special spooky online chess clubs this Saturday!

Future Zombies 2

  • 11:00 am ET
  • with Nick
  • for kids in grades 3-6
  • $15

Nick’s Future Masters 2 class focuses on positional chess, discussing the importance of pawn structures and how to develop pieces to the best squares in different given positions. More complex endgames such as King-Pawn endgames will be explored.

This Saturday he’s doing a special Halloween edition. The class is full, but extra drop-ins are welcome. Don’t forget to wear your costume!

Sign up today!

A curious evening for chess

  • 8:00 pm ET
  • with Rose
  • for ages 8 and up
  • $15

A chill wind blows,

building creeping melody

bough by bough,

warping bird song and shadow;

ushering leaves

from their branches

to their end.

Somewhere else a pawn feels

a cold path traced

around its crown

while a player

catches a chill


This Hallowe’en,

a spooky occupation

lingers around the hallowed

arena of the chessboard.

With Rose as our guide

we’ll hopefully make it out alive.

Costumes and dress-up are encouraged!

Sign up today!

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