Rising to COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges: Why we need your generous support

Because of the COVID-19 virus, Chess Institute has not been able to teach lessons in person since March of 2020.

Taking on this challenge with positivity and vigor, Chess Institute has transformed all of its programs to interactive online delivery, which allows us to expand our reach to Canadian students from coast to coast, and beyond our borders. Our programs are being delivered to children doing virtual schooling at home, and in Indigenous communities. Our online holiday day camps and tournaments are very popular.

Our fun and enlightening programs have never been more needed. Our programs provide children with guided, focused thinking time playing chess – a welcome break from fearful or anxious thoughts. Their sense of personal accomplishment achieved by progressively developing chess and other life skills gives kids hope that positive change can and will happen. For children spending more time at home, enjoying our chess program with other kids, at a regular time, adds structure to their day and brightens their outlook. And the online chess tool we use allows kids to play chess with their friends in their own time!

If you believe in the power of chess to help people live better lives, please donate to Chess Institute of Canada today!

Your tax-deductible donation can help us subsidize fees for kids and schools that can’t afford our full fees. Or, your unrestricted donation will help us cover the costs of further developing our online program delivery so we can reach more kids from coast to coast! You’ll also help us to further improve upon our Chess to Life curriculum by adapting contemporary knowledge gleaned from chess education research.

Please help us bring the magic of chess into children’s lives by making a caring donation today! You’ll help kids eager to learn how to use the fun game of chess to live better, more thoughtful lives, and make our world a better place. Thank you for your support!

Marlena McCarthy

Marlena McCarthy

CIC Board of Directors
Chair, Fundraising Committee