CIC Turns Challenge to Opportunity in BC

In a classic case of turning lemons to lemonade, CIC has taken the opportunity afforded by the current need to use a virtual teaching approach, to extend its geographic reach. CIC is building its presence in BC with three school programs in Port Alberni, starting this month.  Late last year we delivered our first ever west-coast in-class program, with the Hartley Bay school in the Gitga’at First Nation. We’ve been working hard to achieve the vision embodied in the ‘of Canada’ part of our name.  Recent online tournaments and PA day events have drawn players from many provinces as well as the United States, leading participants, parents and educators to get to know us better.

Chess is a game that adapts easily to an online world, while at the same time, can make you forget the four walls which have become so familiar during the pandemic.  Building on this auspicious start, we look forward to delivering many more chess and life skills education programs, right across the country.
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