2022 Online Chess Clubs – Registration is now available!

Hello chess enthusiasts!

As the calendar year comes to an end, many of you have been reaching out to us about our plans for the New Year – we are very excited to announce that we will be continuing with our weekly online chess clubs! While the pandemic has forced us to pull out of our school clubs, it has also opened new doors to the world of online learning. Our online clubs have been incredibly successful, and in some cases even offer better chess to life experiences through the use of technology to help supplement our lessons. Furthermore, it has given us a chance to truly be the Chess Institute of Canada, rather than just the Chess Institute of Toronto – it has been an absolute pleasure connecting with students of various different background all across Canada!

You can find the link to register for our current clubs running until just before the Winter Holidays, as well as our upcoming 2022 clubs here – if you are new to Chess Institute, please don’t miss our Free Evaluation Sessions that take place on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM ET, Wednesdays at 4:30 PM ET (only until the end of the year), and Saturdays at 12:00 PM ET (new time slot after the New Year!).

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