Caregiver Family Day Event – Feb 22

CIC invites all parents and caregivers to this informative event. Two of our most experienced instructors will present practical suggestions for how you can encourage motivation and a growth mindset in children. Following these brief presentations there will be ample time for questions, answers, and discussions where you might compare notes with other parents and offer your own suggestions.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

8:00pm to 10:00pm Open House

Online – register here for details



8:00 – Introduction: David & Keith

  • Both presenters are parents, CIC instructors, and curriculum authors.

8:10 – Keith

  • Growth Mindset: How with the proper perspective both child and caregiver can set the stage for lifelong learning. Growth mindset means believing that everything changes, grows, always – that nothing is fixed in place.

8:30 – David

  • Motivation: The myth of the completely self-motivated individual. How a child’s self-motivation is only likely to occur within a supportive, encouraging environment. Ellen Galinsky’s seven tips for building this environment will be discussed.

8:50 – General Discussion

  • Caregiver questions, ideas, stories and suggestions.

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