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Rhonda Frizzell (She/They)

Through organizational and community leadership, Rhonda’s professional endeavors have addressed barriers faced by equity-seeking and underserved communities for more than 25 years. She is committed to actively nurturing a more pronounced voice for those who aren’t always heard – and the ongoing success of bold organizations. 

A resident of Toronto, Rhonda also holds passion for the written word, the arts, urban health and culture, and basketball.   

Marcus Wilker (he/him)

The son of a geometer, Marcus grew up in Scarborough with an Escher print at the foot of the staircase, strangely marked styrofoam balls around the house, and a Sierpinski triangle (or at least the third or fourth iteration of its construction) painted on the bathroom wall.

With a formation in math and philosophy, he is now over 5 years into a career in business management after 14 years as a Toronto teacher and tutor. He remains an active amateur chess player.

When he is not working for Chess Institute or playing chess, Marcus enjoys cycling and nature walks, and is currently trying to learn Anishinaabemowin, one of the original local languages spoken around the Great Lakes.

In this puzzle composition published in 1873, how many different 2-move checkmates can you find for White?

(Click puzzle for more on Black problemist, Theophilus Thompson)

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