Our Values

At Chess Institute of Canada, we define ourselves as follows:


(Why we exist)

Our purpose is to deliver integrated chess and life skills education programs to children and other learners. We are proud to do this important work which improves students’ lives.


(What we aspire to)

Our vision is to greatly expand the reach of our integrated chess and life skills education programs in Canadian schools and beyond. We are inspired to develop and apply similar programs to other age groups in different settings, so that many more people may benefit from playing chess.


(What drives us)

Our mission is to bring chess to life™. We accomplish this through fun and stimulating programs which teach children and other learners, a targeted mix of chess and interrelated life skills for dealing with life’s day-to-day challenges. 


(Our ethical standards)

To achieve our vision and mission, we have developed a Code of Conduct that defines the standards of ethics and integrity that we expect all employees, board members, program leaders, and consultants who work for us, to follow. A copy of our Code of Conduct is available upon request.