The 2022 Reykjavik Open

The 2022 Reykjavik Open got underway on April 6, with 245 competitors from thirty-nine countries, including twenty-two Grandmasters. Four players are from Canada, including one of Chess Institute of Canada’s very own instructors, National

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Black Prominence in Contemporary Chess

Leaders in the Black chess community worldwide, from Theophilus Thompson to Phiona Mutesi, have paved the way for true development and recognition in the chess world. As a result, this culminated in producing the

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Black History Month Profile: Emory Tate

Emory Tate was born in 1958 in Chicago, Illinois. An unconventional genius, Tate learned chess early in life and was linguistically gifted. He was adept in a number of languages, and fluent in Spanish

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The History of Chess in Africa

It is widely accepted that chess has its origins in the ancient Indian game of chaturanga some fifteen hundred years ago. What is often ignored is the significant role that Africans have played in

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Black history is chess history!

To celebrate Black History Month 2022, we’re putting together a series of articles about the history of chess in Africa and ongoing contributions from the wider Black diaspora, including profiles of great Black chess players and research

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Ian Nepomniachtchi Wins the Candidates!

Congratulations to Ian Nepomniachtchi for winning the so-called 202x FIDE Candidates Tournament! The Candidates Tournament featured eight of the strongest grandmasters in the world in a double round robin. The winner of the Candidates

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In this puzzle composition published in 1873, how many different 2-move checkmates can you find for White?

(Click puzzle for more on Black problemist, Theophilus Thompson)

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