The 2022 Reykjavik Open

The 2022 Reykjavik Open got underway on April 6, with 245 competitors from thirty-nine countries, including twenty-two Grandmasters. Four players are from Canada, including one of Chess Institute of Canada’s very own instructors, National

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Black Prominence in Contemporary Chess

Leaders in the Black chess community worldwide, from Theophilus Thompson to Phiona Mutesi, have paved the way for true development and recognition in the chess world. As a result, this culminated in producing the

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Black Representation in Chess Films

The appearance of important and prominent Black characters (or historical figures) in chess filmography is quite extensive. In the famous 1993 film Searching for Bobby Fischer, we see a fictional character, a chess player

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Magnus Wins Airthings Masters

Today Magnus Carlsen won the finals of the Airthings Masters tournament in convincing style. The Airthings Masters is the first leg of the 2022 Champions Chess Tour. Each leg of the Tour features sixteen

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Champions Chess Tour Returns!

One of the most exciting responses in the chess world to the pandemic was the dramatic surge in online chess, both at the amateur and professional level. Chess has always translated well to online

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In this puzzle composition published in 1873, how many different 2-move checkmates can you find for White?

(Click puzzle for more on Black problemist, Theophilus Thompson)

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