Services for
Business Partners

Services for
Business Partners

CIC teaches chess for and to businesses

Bringing chess to life


CIC instructors will come to your business, educational institution, or chess club and teach chess under your name.

You can take registrations and payments yourself or we can via our online portal.

Our instructors are highly-trained professionals with current Vulnerable Sector Screenings. They can teach any age group from 5 to 105.

Your students will flock to our chess clubs for camaraderie and intellectual challenge. They will have a blast playing with their friends and learning the ways of chess, all while developing critical life skills. At a CIC chess club, life skills like Communication, Critical Thinking, and Self-Management are purposefully woven into the fabric of the curriculum. Students reflect upon and discuss their own life experiences within these areas, then apply their new wisdom directly to the chess lessons. 

CIC clubs, operated under your name, offer your students, regardless of age or ability level, a place to find new friends, discover a new hobby, and learn critical life skills.

Your branded chess lessons can be any duration for any period.

Prices are negotiable.

If you would like CIC to run a club for you, please send us a request via the form below.

Class Levels

Fun, physical games to learn piece names, movements, and rules.

Grades 1-3. Chess basics through fun, interactive games developmentally targeted to this age range. 

Grades 4-6. Intermediate & Advanced.

Grades 7-8. 
Intermediate & Advanced.

Intermediate & Advanced.

Intermediate & Advanced.


Afternoon Tournament
Gather your staff or customers for an exciting and unique team-building experience. How many people can say they’ve played in a CFC-rated chess tournament?

We provide the equipment and the organization; you provide the place, people and prizes.

$899 per 4-hour tournament. Up to 32 people.


1-Hour Lunch & Learn
This course teaches adults the piece names, moves, and rules of chess along with some history and amusing analysis of famous games. Available in person or online.

$349 per class. 


Week of Chess
Want to hold a staff tournament but too many on the team feel intimidated by the prospect? Here’s your solution!

Our instructor will visit your site every lunch hour Monday to Thursday, improving the chess competence and, more importantly, the confidence of your team. Then, on Friday, we hold the chess tournament for the whole group.

We provide the equipment and the organization; you provide the place, people and prizes.

$2,099 for 4 classes and a 4-hour tournament. Up to 32 people.


CIC is excited to host your special event. We are experts at operating chess tournaments, simultaneous-play exhibitions, and giant chess board games. We can also custom tailor an event to suit the needs of your organization. If you can dream it, maybe we can build it! Just ask below!

We provide the equipment and the organization; you provide the place, people and prizes. CFC-rated or casual. Arena style or Swiss.

$899 per 4-hour tournament. Up to 32 people.



Simultaneous Exhibitions
Imagine playing chess against a FIDE Master or Grandmaster while they simultaneously played against ten other people. Now, Imagine the bragging rights when you tell people how thoroughly you got your dinner cooked.

Great pay-to-play fundraising opportunity!

$999 – 2-hours of games, 1-hour meet and greet


Giant Chess Board
Inside or out, the giant chess board is always a hit. It’s a 3m by 3m board with a metre tall King and Queen. Your guests will enjoy the fun and novel games hosted by a CIC Instructor.

$399 – 3 Hours

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