classes, clubs, & camps
for students

classes, clubs, & camps
for students

Teaching children life skills through chess

Bringing chess to life


At lunchtime or after classes, students flock to our extracurricular chess clubs for camaraderie and intellectual challenge. They have a blast playing with their friends and learning the ways of chess, all while developing critical life skills. At a CIC chess club, life skills like Communication, Critical Thinking, and Self-Management are purposefully woven into the fabric of the curriculum.

Students reflect upon and discuss their own life experiences within these areas, then apply their new wisdom directly to the chess lessons. 

CIC extracurricular clubs offer your children, regardless of age or ability level, a place to find new friends, discover a new hobby, and learn critical life skills.

Clubs run from September to June, with terms every 8 weeks or so.

Price is $25 per student per hour. 

Subsidies are available for students in need.

If you would like CIC to add a club in your school, please send us a request via the form at the bottom of the page.

Club Levels

Kindergarten students play fun, physical games with their friends to learn piece names, movements, and rules. They laugh and sing and solve puzzles and work together in play-based learning activities. 

Primary students are in grades one through three. They learn the basics of chess, and a love of chess, through fun, interactive games that are developmentally targeted to this age range. 

Junior students are in grades four through six. At this level, students take their basic knowledge and expand into the fundamentals of tactics and strategy. The lessons are still collaborative and engaging, yet they move at a swifter pace and offer greater academic challenge than the Primary Clubs. 

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Live, via Zoom, CIC Instructors teach life skills through chess. 

Classes are available at all ability levels. All are welcome. 

Regular classes run once each week.

Holiday Camps run 4-5 days per week during scheduled school holidays.

Class run from 1-hour to 1.5 hours.

No physical chess sets are required.

Weekly Class Levels

Beginner Classes are quick, introductory lessons where fun is rule number one. They are filled with group activities where children laugh and learn, making friends while absorbing the basics of chess.

Beginner classes are for children aged 5-7. There are two levels of beginner Classes: Playful Pawns and Rookie Rooks.

Intermediate Classes are for children who know how to play to checkmate, and enjoy the game, but wish to play better. Here, at the intermediate level, they will learn the skills to elevate their game.

At the intermediate level, we offer 5 unique terms of Noble Knights classes. Each term is 8 weeks and builds upon the last. Students continue to enjoy puzzles, games, and other activities as they progress through the program improving knowledge and skill. These classes are for children 6-12.

Advanced Classes are for children 7-14 who can demonstrate multiple openings, tactics, and checkmates. These advanced players revel in the intellectual complexity of this chess class. Here, they race against their friends to solve checkmate puzzles, identify discovered attacks, and calculate the profit and loss on complicated piece exchanges. 

Elite Classes are players of some skill who wish to play competitively. By invite only.


CIC hosts many special events. We run chess tournaments, simultaneous-play exhibitions, and giant chess board games, among other events. See below for our current offerings.

In Person Tournament
February 17, 2023
9:00am – 4:00pm
918 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON
Ages 6-13

This all-level tournament will bring together children from all over the city to enjoy a PA Day playing chess. The format is “Swiss Tournament” – meaning players play against those closest to their own abilities, and they play every round. No eliminations. Games are timed using a chess clock and a CFC rating is provided.

Prizes are awarded at a 3:30pm ceremony prior to pick up.

There will be other games activities between rounds as well as designated physical activity time. Water, snacks, and lunch is provided.

Online Tournament
February 20, 2023
12:00pm – 3:30pm
Ages 6-13


This is an online Swiss Tournament for a multi-round, timed, and CFC rated chess tournament.

It’s 3½ hours of camaraderie, excitement, and bragging rights.


CIC Instructors also teach at local chess clubs, for other educational institutions, and at private clubs. 

Aspire Learning Academy
Aspire is a West Vancouver service that provides math, language, and now chess instruction for local students. Click the link below to register.

The Boulevard Club
For over a century, The Boulevard Club has built a reputation around time honoured traditions, exemplary service, and unrivalled athletics programs for all ages and abilities, including tennis, badminton, water sports, fitness, swimming, basketball, pickleball, and now, chess. You must be a club member to register. Consider joining The Boulevard Club via the link below. 

The Granite Club
The Granite philosophy of uncompromising quality is showcased in its state-of-the-art athletic facilities, world-class events and programs for all ages, delectable dining experiences and personalized services, each tailored to suit the varied needs and desires of its diverse and sophisticated Membership.

For membership inquiries, information packages and tours of the Club, please contact Membership Director Susanne Willans at 416-510-6735 or

Hollyburn Country Club
Situated mountainside, overlooking downtown Vancouver, on 47 acres of West Vancouver’s renowned British Properties, sits Hollyburn Country Club. Hollyburn’s facilities are unmatched and award winning. For members, the Club is a home away from home and a private hub for activity, sport, dining, entertainment, socialization and business. A place that brings a unique sense of belonging. Consider joining Hollyburn via the link below.

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