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Weekly Live Online chess clubs:

CIC LIVE ONLINE Chess Programs bring a small group of people together for live online chess lessons and chess games.

Our Canadian Chess to Life™ instructors are specially selected and trained to provide an engaging, interactive learning environment, facilitating insights and building life skills such as decision making, goal setting, emotional intelligence, and respect for others.

No physical chess sets are required.

Full instructions and links will be sent out to registered students 24 hours before the first class of the session, as well as 1 hour before each class – please note that if you register later than an hour before the class, you will not receive the information before your first class.

CIC Live Online Levelled Clubs

Beginner Clubs

Beginner LIVE ONLINE weekly chess clubs are quick, introductory classes where fun is rule number one. They are filled with group activities where children laugh and learn, making friends while absorbing the basics of chess.

These classes are recommended for children aged 5-7.

There are two levels of beginner clubs:

In Playful Pawns, children with zero knowledge of chess learn to name the pieces and move them about the board.

In Rookie Rooks, children who already know the pieces learn rules, basic tactics, and how to play the game to checkmate.

Both levels of instruction are fun, interactive, and will inspire a love of chess!

Intermediate Clubs

Intermediate LIVE ONLINE weekly chess clubs are for children who know how to play chess and would love to learn how to play well. They know the rules, know how to play to checkmate, and enjoy the game, but they wish to play better. Here, at the intermediate level, they will learn the skills to elevate their game.

These classes are recommended for children 6+.

In these Noble Knights, students will progress through several 8-week terms of instruction, each term building upon the last, until they graduate the level with a notable improvement in knowledge and skill. 

Our intermediate-level clubs are fun, interactive, and informative.

Advanced Clubs

Advanced LIVE ONLINE weekly chess clubs are for children who have completed the full Intermediate (Noble Knights) curriculum, or have previously taken a Future Masters course, or have been recommended to this level by their instructor.

These classes are recommended for children 7+.

In these Future Masters clubs, students add to their foundational knowledge of chess a more sophisticated understanding of the strategic and tactical elements of play from opening gambits to practical endgames. Much of their learning takes place through applying chess concepts to the analysis of instructive top-level games.

Elite Clubs

Elite LIVE ONLINE weekly chess clubs are for children who have completed the full Advanced (Future Masters) curriculum, or have previously taken an Elite course, or have been invited to this level by their instructor. 

These classes are recommended for children 7+

In these Elite clubs, more serious players train to compete in junior tournaments. The courses consist of extended 2-hour classes which include advanced chess lessons, tournament games, and other interactive learning activities.

Much of their learning takes place through post-mortem analysis of situations in their own games with the help of the instructor.

Other Options

Specialty Clubs

Specialty LIVE ONLINE weekly chess clubs are typically at an intermediate level, but instructors will custom-tailor lessons to the needs of the players in the group.

Our Speciality Clubs allow groups with something in common to get together, learning and enjoying chess with their peers. 

➤ The Youth Club is for teens, 13-17

➤ Our French Club is delivered en français

➤ Our Girls Club allows players to learn in a girls-only space

➤ And our West Coast Club runs at 5pm Pacific (8pm ET) for those in Western Canada!

Take advantage of one of these great opportunities for that special chess enthusiast in your family!

Classes at Annex Chess Club

Annex Chess Club is open on Monday nights in downtown Toronto, near Bloor and Bathurst, from 6:30 to 11:30 pm, offering chess for everyone – social or serious chess players of any age or ability.  

ACC offers in-person classes for intermediate and advanced players of all ages.

Some of our top instructors are down at this friendly club every Monday, helping players up their game!

Try out a class this Monday!

Program News

Register now for Fall Online Classes

Our popular online chess classes are back!  Our engaging chess instructors are Bringing Chess to Life™ once again through weekly interactive small-group Zoom sessions.  Registration is now open!  Register Now   Wondering what level should

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