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Purchased by the parents or guardians of school children.

Chess anyone? At lunchtime or after classes, students flock to our extracurricular chess clubs for camaraderie and intellectual challenge. They have a blast playing with their friends and learning the ways of chess, all while developing critical life skills. At a CIC chess club, life skills like Communication, Critical Thinking, and Self-Management are purposefully woven into the fabric of the curriculum. These skills, these clubs, are great for everyone.

Club Details

To help you find the program that suits your needs, we’ve created a handy grid. Take a look and see which program fits you best. We guarantee that once you try our chess activities, you’ll never look at the game the same way again!

Subsidies are available for students in need!

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SK-Gr 1

Gr 1-3

Gr 4-6



Play chess to checkmate

Play chess to checkmate






1 hour, weekly, excluding PD Days and statutory holidays.


6-10 weeks, depending on the school and the season.


Find Your School to Register

CIC runs chess clubs in many schools and school boards. Find your program here.

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