In-Class School Programs

Purchased by Schools or Boards for full classrooms of students.

Primary and Junior students love our in-class chess lessons for the deep dive into a whole new world of an ancient and revered game – not to mention it’s an hour playing games instead of doing schoolwork!

Teachers love our in-class lessons because chess opens doorways to history, mathematics, and visual art – not to mention it’s an hour playing games instead of teaching schoolwork!

Program Details

CIC Chess lessons are serious fun. And yet beyond the fun, beyond the chess, there’s so much more. In a CIC lesson, essential life skills like Communication, Critical Thinking, and Self-Management are purposefully woven into the fabric of the curriculum. Students reflect upon and discuss their own life experiences within these areas, then apply their new wisdom directly to the chess lessons.

If you would like CIC to teach in-class lessons at your school, please send us a request via the contact form.




45-60 minutes – once each week, per class, during school hours


$120 per class – invoiced to your school.


The number of classes per term is negotiable and will flex to fit into your schedule.


Available for schools in need.