Giant Chess Set Delights Visitors at Synagogue Street Party

First Narayever Synagogue, May 28 – The First Narayever Synagogue was transformed into a hub of excitement and strategic battles as a giant chess set was employed at their recent street party. The event, organized by the Synagogue and supported by the Marvin Rosenhek Community Chess Fund, drew a diverse crowd of chess enthusiasts and curious onlookers.

The street party, held on May 28 from 1 pm to 4 pm, showcased the impressive chess set and provided an opportunity for community members to engage in friendly games of chess. The event was made possible by the generous contributions of the Marvin Rosenhek Community Chess Fund, which covered all costs associated with the giant chess set and its setup.

The establishment of the Marvin Rosenhek Community Chess Fund was met with deep appreciation by the Chess Institute of Canada (CIC). The fund, created in memory of Marvin Rosenhek (1929-2021), a prominent Montreal lawyer and lifelong chess player, aims to support school and community educational programs directly. Marvin, who played chess with the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association well into his nineties, was renowned for his passion and dedication to the game.

The giant chess set, a spectacle in itself, attracted both familiar faces from the Lord Lansdowne and Huron school chess clubs, as well as newcomers. Curiosity piqued as visitors marveled at the sheer size of the pieces, igniting a desire to test their skills on the grand board. One heartwarming moment occurred when Harvey, a long-time Extracurricular Club member at Lord Lansdowne, took it upon himself to teach the game of chess to eager newcomers, spreading his knowledge and love for the game.

Justine Silver, a delighted attendee, expressed her gratitude to Nick Grachev, an experienced CIC Instructor, for running the event. “Thank you, Nick, for being part of the street party today,” she said. “The chess was a real hit, and we’re so grateful for your support.”

The First Narayever Synagogue street party, enlivened by the presence of the giant chess set, created a memorable and engaging experience for all attendees. The event served as a testament to the enduring legacy of Marvin Rosenhek and his lifelong passion for chess.