Chess Institute of Canada Hosts Successful Children’s Chess Tournament

Toronto, June 2, 2023 – The Chess Institute of Canada (CIC) hosted an exhilarating in-person chess tournament for school-aged children on June 2, 2023. The event, held at 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education, brought together 28 young chess enthusiasts from across Toronto for a day of thrilling matches and friendly competition.

Under the expert guidance of Tournament Director Keith Denning, the tournament commenced at 9:00 AM and lasted until 4:00 PM. Players of all skill levels participated in the Swiss Tournament format, ensuring that each contestant faced opponents of similar ability without the fear of elimination. This format allowed all participants to engage in multiple rounds of play, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

One standout participant was Artur Vavrak, a first-year CIC student, who received the prestigious Life Skill Award. Artur’s performance in his first-ever tournament was commendable, demonstrating remarkable courage and perseverance. Despite initial setbacks, Artur bounced back and secured victory in two games, leaving him elated with his achievements.

“I thought it was great!” Artur exclaimed, reflecting his enthusiasm for the event and the joy he experienced during his matches.

The first-place title went to Korbin Schantz, a dedicated CIC student who has been participating in both in-person and online tournaments for several years. Korbin’s strong chess skills and pleasant demeanor have consistently made him a formidable competitor in previous tournaments. However, this victory marked a significant milestone for him, as it was his first tournament win, showcasing his continuous growth and development as a player.

Mihir Dhalla claimed the second-place position, demonstrating exceptional skill throughout the tournament. Mihir, along with his siblings Anousha and Nikhil, has been an integral part of the CIC community for an extended period, participating in numerous tournaments. Mihir’s positive attitude and calm approach during matches undoubtedly contributed to his outstanding performance, achieving an impressive 7 1/2 points out of a possible nine.

Sharing the third-place spot were Han-Li Ditner and Jordan Vankay. Han-Li, another longstanding student of the Chess Institute, displayed great enthusiasm and determination throughout the tournament, earning another well-deserved medal. Jordan’s resilient spirit and optimism, which were shared by all the winners and participants, allowed him to bounce back from any losses encountered.

The success of the tournament was further enhanced by the generous sponsorship of $500 from Spirit of Math Central Toronto Campus. The Chess Institute of Canada gratefully acknowledges Spirit of Math for their support. The collaboration between the two organizations was a natural fit, as both math and chess have inherent connections. Many attendees of CIC programs are potential students for Spirit of Math’s math enrichment programs, making this sponsorship highly beneficial for all parties involved.

The event provided a platform for children to not only showcase their chess skills but also receive a Canadian Chess Federation (CFC) rating, enhancing their competitive edge. With chess clocks adding an element of excitement to the games and amazing prizes awarded to the winners, the day was filled with anticipation and enthusiasm.

In addition to the intense matches, the Chess Institute ensured that participants remained energized throughout the day by providing lunch, snacks, drinks, and engaging physical activities.

The Chess Institute of Canada is delighted with the success of this children’s chess tournament and expresses its gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, and supporters who contributed to making the event a resounding triumph. The institute looks forward to organizing more exciting tournaments in the future, fostering a love for chess and encouraging the growth of young chess talents across Toronto.